Saturday, January 09, 2010

End of First Semester !

First of all, wish you all a very happy new year. Adios 2009 & welcome 2010. I could have never wished for a better year with God showering his blessings over me throughout the year. Many things have changed positively around me and in me as well. Now, 2010 seems to be promising and I hope it turns out even better.

All these days I had been following the 'Think before you ink' rule in blogging but I had been doing only the first part while my blogspot went to hibernate. So, here I am to blog my random thoughts which might or not make sense to you.

After the last exam of my first semester, I wanted to cease this blogging hiatus. But I was quite drowning in enjoyment, particularly watching TV series like Prison break and How I met your mother (btw, both are good.. watch them when you find time). Ya, my first semester in Virginia Tech comes to a close and believe me, I have no idea how fast it could be. But it has been a great semester, my start of life in US. My experience in this whole new world has been great here so far.

With a Graduate Research Assistant job at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, the semester started very smoothly and no financial worries. To my knowledge, the free education system cannot not really work well in many places, but mine has always been a special case. I have loved my studies so far and hope to do so even in the forthcoming semesters.

On the disappointing side, I did not get a chance to visit many parts of US. I just made a nice trip to Asheville (NC) with my friends here during the thanksgiving hols. The trip was wonderful and the rafting experience has made it memorable. Last week, I had been to Seattle and enjoyed my stay there for 3 days. Hope I explore more of US soon !