Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Realization Point..

It was yet another day in my busy life (ya, I am busy nowadays. .trust me). I sat with my laptop with coffee in hand. For every sip of coffee, I was thinking of the various deadlines of projects, assignments, dates of quizzes etc. Suddenly, the network was down and I was not able to connect, even to I was turned off completely and it seemed like the whole world has come to a halt.

No sooner the connection restored, my mom reached me in skype from India. She was really sad and inquired about me and my health more than usual. Wondering why, I stopped her and asked why she was worried about me, when she told me that it was more than a week since I spoke to her. "What? A week? Mom, stop kidding.. I spoke to you a couple of days back and ..", just when i realized 'ya, she is true. It was 8 days back when I last spoke to her'.

I started to realize (tardily as usual) on how I'm into the internet world more than real one - mails, chats, twitter, blogging, facebook, orkut, news etc. And truly, Google is my best friend now, to the extent that I can't imagine a life for a day without it. Ridiculously, I can live without speaking to my mom for more than a week but not without google for a day. What a major transformation !

I am not able to stay from internet for more than a hour. My heart pounds for getting myself connected online - to refresh inactive mailbox every five minutes & keep waiting for non-coming incoming mails, to check the online list of buddies in instant messenger when no one even cares a damn to ping you and so on...

It is an unfortunate fact that we are trying to spend more time finding friends online than meeting the real ones next door. We are ready to spend hours scrapping, tweeting, blogging ourselves to really live this second life rather than seconding to live our real life.. So sad !