Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Blogging ?

The question of many internet users who are yet to enter this world of blogging or have already entered but still wondering why they had done so. I suffered from the same confusion a few days back - after starting vigorously with 4-5 blogs in a week. But soon, I was wondering why I am writing blogs and what draws me into it. This blog comes as a result of the same question raised by my friends and my take on it. 

First of all, it is one nice way to share your experience and thoughts. It is the only medium thru which your ideas reach the public. Look at the cluster maps and see how many people from all corners of the world see your blog. Do you think your friends are gonna listen to you patiently about your opinions on various things? 
You can never get that pride from anything else. It is like publishing books only to a few hundred readers.

I started to blog just as an effort to retain the memorized GRE words in mind by using them often. I believe that your vocab is gonna improve with those abstract blogs, leave alone the reader's vocab. You get the art of writing on any topic. Sometimes, you start on some topic without any plans or definitive idea and end up in a good post. The feedbacks you get are really motivating. 

One good example I can quote is Vignesh. I never knew that he can write such a good blog. I saw a different person in him and his skills getting honed because of blogging. So, you get to know other's experiences and opinions on various issues.

I have read some blogs (including some of mine too) where people try to showcase their prowess in english vocabulary leading to prolixity. This, at times, might be annoying the reader when he has to refer to dictionary many times to understand a single sentence ! :)

Before making my contribution to this area, I thought I can create wonders by writing many topics. But, once I started, I realized my potential - I ran out of ideas soon and understood how difficult it is to impress someone by your writing. 

But, the very thought of building a profile as a good writer is what makes me go on. Hope someday, even I write good blogs and gain the heart of my readers !  :-)

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