Thursday, July 02, 2009

VISA power !

All is well that ends well. After slogging for days and having sleepless nights to prepare the financial documents, the D-Day had come.. 29-Jun-09 - the day I had my visa interview. Let me share my visa interview experience with you.

Reached consulate at 6.45 am. Seventh candidate for the day to enter the Chennai consulate first building where security & document checks are done. One cute, lovely, good looking lady verified my documents and guided me to the second building. To my surprise, I was the first (!) to enter there to take my interview. Thank God, there was a tv showing CNN IBN news, which distracted me out of my nervousness. With pukka documents in hand, I went to counter 1 for my interview. The visa officer (VO), a young man in his mid thirties greeted me with a smile.

VO: Good morning
me: Good morning, sir. How you doing?

VO: I am doing fine. How about you?
me: I am doing fine as well.

VO: So, which university?
me: Virginia Tech

VO: Why specifically to that university?
me: Because of its reputation and research facilities. Also, the funding chances are good.

VO: Oh.. Good. What will be the kind of work after you complete your MS?
me: Network Administrator, sir. (This is the best part. There are many better positions for MS
graduates. I still wonder why i told N/w admin.. I suck !)

VO: Fine. Who is your sponsor?
me: My mother, sir

VO: How much money you have in your account?
me: I have XX in my savings account and YY as my FDs.

VO: Great. Your visa has been issued. Your passport will reach you in three days.
me: Thank you, sir. Have a great day. (But.. is that it? I was expecting more Qs and documents to be perused, tho not completely, but at least a couple of them).

I was on cloud nine once the visa was granted. Had it been the other way, my one and a half years effort would have been in vain.. The interview lasted hardly for 3 mins. My financial documents were not checked at all. But that does not matter as long as the show ends well.

To the 'Mother of Presidents' in US, here I come to become a Hokie ! :)