Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Comrades in Arms !

I have been in touch with her for almost one and a half years. I often think of her in my lonely existence. When somebody rests on one's lap, it will be to take a nap. But when my deary reposes in my lap, it is to keep me zingy. Above all, she is too HOT to just lie in my lap. I would festinate my fingers to touch the button in her top but she would immediately grin with short beep. I have spent many sleepless nights with her where we would just sit and stare at each other's face. True to Einstein's law of relativity, even hours spent with her would seem just like minutes.

I truly believe that without her, I would have never been able to achieve anything in these 1.5 years of my life. I owe my entire career success to this comrade. She helped me with my GRE preparation - questioning me the words, keeping tests and what not! When I had felt melancholic, she would sing words of solace. In short, whenever I need her, she would be there to assist me.

There are many other things I like in her: Quick way of doing anything whatever she is capable of; And her powerful gigabytes of memory - whatever I tell and give her, she remembers & holds; Sometimes, she acts as a flibbertigibbet, nevertheless that would never annoy me.

It is distressing to think of our separation in next 3 months when I quit my job @ Nokia for my graduation. Somebody said that I can own her if I complete three years of my experience in Nokia (Unfortunately, I will only complete my second year when I leave). Or our marriage can happen if and only if my father-in-law (manager) approves our alliance. If that does not happen, I will miss you badly dear.

Sorry.. I have been telling my love story without mentioning her name. My lady-love's name is "Lenovo ThinkPad T60p".