Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Uzhaga Nayagan's 10 Avatars

First of all, wishes to Kamalji for one man show !

I watched the movie on saturday. I loved the movie as a real Kamal Hasan fan. We should honestly accept the fact that there is no other Indian Actor who dares to take such movies with so much effort and cost.

There are multifarious in the film :

- Kamalji in 10 entirely different roles with wonderful acting carrying 80% weightage in the movie

- graphics, almost 50% of the movie is graphical. No indian movie has had such technical excellence as this movie

- BG music by Devi Shree Prasad, almost the entire film is supported by good music score

- Camera by Ravivarman, camera work is great expecially in opening and climax but too much rotations gives a feeling of roller coaster to audience

In such great movies, there are going to be some inevitable negatives.

- ASIN, she acts well, but her only dialogue in film is "en perumalai kudungo". She chafes the audience as much as Kamalji entertains. It is not her mistake, thanks to her role which is so pathetic !

- Graphics, being one of the ves, is also a -ve. Though no indian movie has had such graphics so far, it can be explicitly identified in some scenes which could have been avoided

Overall, it is a great effort from Dasavatharam team which fructifies now. We should have heart to appreciate their efforts rather than dogmatically criticizing them.